with love, –A.

As I’ve mentioned on my old blog, Off the Wall, I’m taking a break from writing and I wouldn’t be using Off the Wall anymore when I get back. After months of my self-imposed semi-online hiatus, I feel like I’m ready to go back to the online world—though maybe not very much.

I wasn’t really totally gone from the net. I’d been a lurker in various social media sites. I know what’s going on around me, whatever viral post is up there, new movies, new books, current events. I wasn’t a total hermit. I still have the occasional Facebook status update, tweets and Instagram post. I just don’t have the energy to engage with anyone online. I was, in some way, offline most of the time. Reachable but unresponsive.

What changed then? A little of everything.

For the past months my sole focus is to put my life back together. I was juggling work, house chores, financial plans, baby and all sorts of domestic stuff, and motherhood all at the same time. It was chaotic for the first few weeks and I thought I won’t get my footing with where my life was at that time.

My life wasn’t about ME anymore.

I have a plus one for life. I knew by the time I first held my daughter that my life won’t be the same ever again. It was frightening. The whole motherhood to me was as foreign as living in a new country. But like any other first time moms, the initial fear will go away and in no time your little one will have you wrapped around his/her fingers. I know because I am undeniably, irrevocably, in love with my little girl.

Putting my life back together means not just embracing motherhood but as well as picking the pieces of what makes me whole. Some of the old habits has to go, some I can do whenever I find the time, others have to fit in to what is important, what I can live without, and what I can compromise with. I first went back to reading. Reading is my first love and going back to it made me realize how much I missed the written word—how much I missed writing.

I knew I cannot let writing go.

The events in my life for the past year made me a different person, a little of the same me except not exactly who I was before. You get what I mean, yes? That is why I cannot go back to Off the Wall, even if I want to. The hundred of posts I have to edit or hide or whatever will eat a lot of time and I don’t have all day anymore to sit in front of my computer on my rest days to work on my blog. It’s easier and less time consuming if I’ll start anew. I decided that if I’m going back to writing, it has to fit in to where my life is right now. It has to be fresh.

So With Love –A. is born.

I created this blog back in June 2016, planned what’s my possible content, categories, etcetera, however, I wasn’t truly ready to go back yet. As they say everything will happen at the right time even when you think it isn’t the case. I guess, this is the right timing to introduce my new blogging baby to everyone.

Feel free to follow my new blog, visit and comment if you can and I’ll follow back. I’ll post whenever I find the time. I’ll try to make it as regular as I can. I wish my Off the Wall readers will still be with me in WLA. If not, I will understand.

See you around!

with love,


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