keep the faith

It was two in the morning, in the cold hallway of Medical City’s ER, a girl was sitting beside a hospital bed, face buried in front of a device with tears in her eyes. She was trying to hide her face from passing nurses, doctors, and patient’s relatives because they might think she’s having an emotional breakdown over a serious medical prognosis. Given the place where she’s in, crying means something terrible has happened but no, she’s just reading a book.

That was me reading Keep the Faith.

I have not cried over a book for a long time. I actually haven’t read romance and chick lit for quite some time, but even in the days where I read nothing but romance, I can’t remember the last time I felt so connected with the lead character, how the story felt like home. I had that with Faith and her journey of healing and moving on.

Honestly, it took me half a year to read this book. I was supposedly one of the beta readers of KtF, however due to circumstances, I can’t go pass chapter one. I had the released kindle copy for some months, buried over a ton of fantasy books, waiting for the time I can finally read a novel about heartbreak, because it’s hard to read one when you are actually mending a broken heart.

It was the reason why I understood what Faith had gone through.

You can’t always protect yourself from heartache. At one point in your life, you’ll get your heart broken. The how’s, the why’s, the what if’s, the events that lead you there won’t matter. What matters is how you moved past that. What matters is the after. KtF is about the after.

Faith had gone through a grieving process defined by how she handled the break up. I like how the author let Faith experience what she needs to go through without rushing things. I appreciate the budding romance between the oh-so-lovable Nico and Faith but it was not the reason why I love this book. Her journey to accepting what she had lost and having the courage to find her footing was compelling. The imperfections of a seemingly levelheaded person when faced with painful situations felt real. Take it from someone who’d been there, Keep the Faith is very close to what a real break up and moving on is.  The FEELS is real.

If you want to have a glimpse of what life after the break up is, how it feels, what’s goes through the mind of a person who was hurt without actually accepting that she was, and what happens when she does, read this novel. Ana Tejano’s Keep the Faith will give you that and more.

wl, -A.



3 Replies to “keep the faith”

  1. I’m both happy and sad to hear that this book made you cry. But I do agree that it is very evocative, which is remarkable given the simplistic writing style. But yeah, Keep the Faith had me reeling and struggling to just even. Lovely review!


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