flamie’s first birthday

Emeged. It’s been a year since my life was changed forever. She was just a little bundle of joy twelve months ago now I would soon have a toddler running around the house and will surely try my patience with her tantrums. Where did time go?

My daughter turned one a few weeks ago.

Given how forgetful I am these days, I won’t remember if I ever had planned a party before, looking back, I guess I never did so imagine how it was planning a DIY birthday party for less than 30 days. Yes, it was crazy.

I knew we are going to celebrate her first birthday with my family in the province. My sister, who works in Dubai, was also planning to go home this year. I told her to plan her stay on May since its Flamie’s first birthday and her birth month too (my original due date was actually my sister’s birthday, Flamie just wanted to come out early). I never wanted to throw a big party, just a simple celebration with close friends and family since my daughter won’t remember any of it but I do not want to give her anything less (give me a break, I’m a first time Mom). After everything, I can now attest that momzillas (and lolazillas) do exist.

I didn’t have a theme at first for the party because I wasn’t really planning to have one. We are going to have it in front of our house with lots of plotted plants, a norm for houses in the province, which made my planning centered to what will work with the venue. I first thought of having a picnic themed party, after searching and pinning lots of pins in Pinterest, I ended up having a floral pinkish party. How I came up with that, I don’t know. I just pinned what I can do, what’s easy on the budget and what will fit in my tight schedule.

Pinterest is a gold mine of ideas. My decor ideas mostly came from this site. I went to Divisoria for the things I’ll need (including the balloons), some I got from school supply shops, and then rented the tables and chairs for the party. My aunt, cousins, siblings and I did set up the whole place. I did most of the decor when I have free time at work or at home in between babysitting and then I have to travel the things I got/made in Manila to the province.

I am so thankful for having a supportive family (though you will still sometimes hear what could have been done better blah blah during the event which is not unusual in any event you’ll go to), because they helped me pull off my daughter’s simple party. If it wasn’t for them, it would probably end up not how I visualized the event. It still didn’t exactly go as planned (hello, not an event planner) but it was pretty enough that guests liked how we set up the place.

I had the cupcakes and cake made from Martha’s Kitchen, my aunt gave the Red Ribbon Cake and then I bought the Red Velvet and Oreo Milkshake Crinkles in SM. We just ordered a ready-made palabok, cooked spaghetti, pansit, lumpiang shanghai, hotdogs, barbecue, chicken cordon blu, and pita pinwheel bread, bought bottled drinks and that’s all the food. It’s the normal party food you would see in a Pinoy birthday party.

I did not have any games or programs, it’s just an upgraded simple get together for the family. Again my daughter is too young to remember it, so I thought not having those won’t be a big thing. It wasn’t even a literal children’s party. It wasn’t grand but doing a DIY party is such a pain and would require lots and lots and lots and lots of patience, help and effort. Talk about labor of love. Thank God for family, I most likely would end up crying out of frustration if it wasn’t for their help. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Next birthday, we’ll just go to Jollibee or eat out somewhere. I will not subject myself with this stress not until her 7th and 18th birthdays ever again.

– wl, a.

P.S. The pita pinwheel bread I saw on Pinterest was a hit even though it was the first time we did it. We didn’t follow exactly how it was done, I just got the idea then Jeff tweaked the dressing and viola! The cupcakes was also a bomb. Even if I will not have a big party soon, I would definitely get cakes and cupcakes from Martha’s Kitchen for family celebrations because that’s how superb they are.

Here are the photos from her pre-birthday shoot which was free, thanks to her Ninong Val Christian. Check his Instagram here.

Flamie's Pre-Birthday Shoot
Click the link https://adobe.ly/2ovDhwT to view the slideshow.

Below are the images from the actual party. I wasn’t able to get pictures while we were setting up or how the place looked after since I was a busy body during the event. I felt drained from all the prep we did, I didn’t have the energy to get my phone for a few snaps.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is the invitation I made.

Here’s my Pinterest Profile and the boards I used for ideas. Feel free to follow.



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