waiting is not my mo

This year is proving to be a very very difficult year. I should not be stressing myself over things I couldn’t get the answers yet but I can’t help it. Waiting is not my strongest suit. You may also simply say I’m fvcking impatient. Working this out is so hard when you’re a certified number one praning. It makes your waiting time nakakabaliw. I should work on that, I know but with the way I think now, it’s going to be a laborious process.

Can somebody give me pointers to be more patient? Because, really. This kapraningan is putting a toll on me. I don’t know if I can last. I’ll probably end up crazy in the next few days.

– w.l – a

/Nakakapraning – means paranoid
Nakakabaliw – means makes you crazy


6 Replies to “waiting is not my mo”

  1. Just train yourself to be more positive. Usually kaya tayo natatawag na praning is because what we think about is the negative stuff. Pero if we think about the better side of it, iwas kapraningan na rin. 🙂 And inhale exhale lang lagi!! Try to keep your cool kasi ikaw lang rin masstress if nagtuloy yun. You can do it girl! I believe in u! 🙂

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  2. Aww kalma girl! Ako kapag nababaliw na ako sa kapraningan, lumalabas ako para maglakad o tumakbo. O kung man, gumagawa ako ng mabibigat na gawaing bahay para pagpawisan. Minsan nakakatulong mag-work out o magpapawis para mag-release ng endorphins for more good vibes. Extra perk na lang kung magiging as thin ka nga as your patience hehe. Yakaaap! 🙂


    1. Homaygad. It works for a while. Then after ko na magawa lahat balik na naman ako sa pagiisip. Haahaha.

      Ugh. I better give myself a break baka sa loob ng Mandaluyong bagsak ko neto. Will finish reading all seven books of GoT na lang.

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