what kind of reader are you?

Reading has been a part of my life for the past two decades. I fell in love with books at a tender age of eight and since then it held a special place in my heart. I sometimes tease my partner that it’s the constant third party in our relationship.Being an active member of Goodreads and a book club where we often meet to have book discussions, go to bookstores or attend a book event paved the way for me to meet a lot of readers for the past years. Since 2011, a Filipino Reader Conference is being held every year in the country to celebrate and provide support for the growing communities of Filipino readers.1 It’s an event where bookworms gather to talk about books. Part of the conference is the Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards. It debuted in 2012 and was established to develop awareness and appreciation of Philippine literature, recognize the reader’s role in creating the meaning and experience of a literary work, and give the readers a voice in the Philippine book industry.2 I’m a member of the awards committee since 2015 and a judge the previous year. The years when my social life only consist of bookish events and friends, the time I spent expanding my reading preference to different genres and raising my read books to probably one thousand now and as well as piling up my To-Be-Read mountain are my basis of what I’m going to talk about in this three part post.

Kinds of Readers. This is purely from my observation, my definition and no factual or research basis. I believe I have met three types of readers.

First are the Pleasure Readers, these are readers who read for pleasure, obviously. Sometimes they read just one genre, or the ones who read based on what they think they would like and the story or character’s relatability.  They read because they want to, sometimes they rant, sometimes they sing praises of a book and sometimes they just don’t give a fuck.

Second are the Intellectual Readers, believe me, I have met readers who only read books who’ve won awards like Pulitzer, Noble Prize or the books that are listed in the 1000 books to read before you die. I rarely go into book discourse with them because my brain can’t take the pressure. HAHAHA. Plus, I don’t really read the books they read. At times I find them reader snobs. There are some who look down on readers who don’t read the books they find not for their reading palate. They call it mababaw kasi.

Third are the One off Readers, these are the readers who pick up books because it gone viral or it was turned into a movie or series. These are the readers who annoys the hell out of me. They think they already read the bestest book out there when all they read are the freaking books of E.L. James or Stephanie Meyer. I have nothing against these authors, but come on. You get what I mean, right?

I am more of a pleasure reader. I dabble a little in intellectual reading depending on how hard to read the book and how thick it is. As much as I want to read door stopper novels like Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables, Elizabeth Kostova’s The Historian or Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind, I don’t have the patience to go through it. Almost one thousand pages? No, thanks. I read a lot of genres though I have my favorites and comforts zones and those I don’t really like. I’ll talk about that more later, how I pick up the books I read and how I rate them.

Twenty years, you think I get ever tired of reading? I have my days of reading slump, months even but I always go back to it. There are so many books out there and this lifetime is not enough for me to read even a fraction of them.

What kind of reader are you?

– wl, a.

2013-2015 book stash



29 Replies to “what kind of reader are you?”

  1. i take opportunities of hoarding books while they’re on sale. bookfair at booksale ang favorite event ko sa lahat ng events na pinupuntahan ko. yung hakot lang ng hakot, no specific genre, kung ano yung feel ko interesting basahin. minsan pag nasa mood ako, go for classics. pag yung mood ko feel good lang, go for YA. ewan ko kung anong type yun na reader. hahahaha!


    1. Naggive up na ako sa book hoarding. Ebook hoarding pwede pa kasi virtual space lang kinakain niya. Hirap sa maraming books, ang hirap maglipat bahay! Lately kasi nagsusupport ako ng Pinoy Authors kaya puro locally published binibili ko.

      I sold and gave away some of my books kaya konti na lang sila ngaun.

      September na, Manila International Book Fair na. Are you going?

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      1. yun lang, naexperience ko yung hirap nung naglipat akong gamit from manila to pampanga. hahahaha. alam mo yung plastic na bag sa divi na sobrang laki, isang ganun tas may nasa bag pa. hahahaha. di ko kayang ibenta mga books ko, dream ko pa rin magkalibrary sa bahay at ipapamana ko pa yun sa mga magiging anak ko. hahahaha.

        uyyyy oo MIBF na!! kung ako lang pupunta ako, well tignan ko pa kasi dito na ako sa pampanga e. sana nga may mga book fair or book sale dito sa pampanga eh. pupunta ka ba?

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    2. Jolens, mostly indie published works. One of my friends kasi from the book club had her book published. Tapos may magaganda naman talaga na pagkakasulat from these new authors. Lately may mga mainstream novels/poetry/anthologies narin na lumalabas. Depende kasi minsan sa hype kung anong makikita mo sa bookstores.

      Hindi ko pa kaya ang level nila F. Sionil, L. Bautista and the rest na seryoso magsulat. In time. Konting tanda ko pa sa edad. HAHAHA.

      You should check the yearly winners ng FRCA kasi ung books dun nasala na. One of the books I read from the FRCA list was Bebang Sy’s It’s a Mens World. Mamatay ka kakatawa.


      1. Nabasa ko na ang It’s a Mens World pati si F. Sionil at Lualhati Baustita! Hahaha. In practice wala naman akong masyadong preference on classic versus contemporary. Na-try mo na magbasa ng releases ng university presses? Usually may magaganda d’un. Wala lang akong pera noong nasa Pinas pa ako kaya asa talaga ako noon sa hiram-hiram hahaha.


  2. Yaaaay hinintay ko ‘to! Hahaha.

    I think I am both a Pleasure Reader and an Intellectual Reader (if we’re going to base solely on your three categories). I take pleasure in reading critically acclaimed works — not necessarily classics — and I also read books that will never be sold in bookstores 5 years down the road.

    At saka I do have snobbish tendencies haha, but don’t we all? I have a friend who scoff at people who consider Harry Potter to be the best fantasy series of all time (he’s a Tolkien fan). Another colleague thinks many Murakami readers are just trying to be hip (malay ko kung bakit). Ako, I believe anybody who deifies Bob Ong as the pinnacle of Filipino (Tagalog) literature has an extremely limited knowledge of Filipino lit.

    At sa mga taong magsasabing never silang nagja-judge on anything pertaining to taste, literary or otherwise — weh ‘di nga? Charot lang hahaha.

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    1. We have our own taste naman kasi talaga when it comes to what we like to read. Ang ayoko lang talaga, ung mga readers na parang kulang na lang eh i-shove down your throat yung mga gusto nilang libro sa’yo kasi they think what you are reading is trash. Meron pa I’ve met, na since I was a big romance reader back then and sila eh not into genre eh, akala mo sobrang babaw ng mga binabasa ko compared sa kanila na nagbabasa ng classic, ng thought provoking books, mga award winning pieces chenes.

      Marami ding hanash pag asa book club ka, bes. Pero di na ako active sa book community. Nadivert focus ko nung naging mudrakels na ang ate mo.

      I never read the Harry Potter series. Not even one book. I will probably never read it but will surely buy it for my daughter. Hindi dahil sa ayaw ko basta ayaw ko. Para kasing, nalipasahan na ako ng hype? Tas nauna ko pang napanood yung film kaya, what’s the point it reading it pa kung pwede ko namang panoorin.

      Bet mong magbuddy read one time? Itry ko magbasa ng critically acclaimed works basta wag lang siyang 600 pages.

      Will edit some pictures na lang then post the remaining two.

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      1. Haggard hahaha. Hindi kasi ako pumapatol sa book clubs at seminars e. Sa academe (ang burgisss haha) ako natuto. Recently ko lang na-realize na hindi pala lahat ng mahilig magbasa ay interesado sa literary criticism by default. Akala ko doon at doon ka rin mapupunta kung mahilig ka talagang magbasa, assuming lang pala ako hahaha.

        Pwede tayo mag-buddy read! Sige wait balikan kita mamaya kailangan ko nang maligo hahaha.


  3. Di ako makapili kung ano ba ako? Siguro more of a pleasure reader ako. Pero yung mga binabasa ko is yung solely gusto kong basahin. Tapos kapag nagandahan ako, nirerecommend ko pero narealize ko baka ako lang pala nagandahan hahaha


  4. I categorize myself as a Pleasure Reader though I also take it into account kung award winning yung book. Minsan. 😊 Pero really, I enjoy any genre. Siguro di lang masyado yung mga books which heavily focus on romance.


    1. Naumay din ako sa romance, medyo natagalan lang. HAHAHA. Mostly light read parin hinahanap ko kahit award winning yung book. YA madalas. Pagsobrang seryoso kasi tas nakikita kong mga 5inches ung kapal niya, umuurong ako. HAHAHA.


      1. Haha. Ako din po. Ilang taon na dito sa bahay yung The Divine Comedy ni Dante pero never ko pa nabasa kasi makapal. Intimidating meshedo. Haha. Tapos classic pa. Kaya no. No. No. I kennat. Haha. Parang Pride and Prejudice at Little Women palang classics na nabasa ko at naenjoy.


      2. Jusme, Pride and Prejudice, bwiset na bwiset ako sa kalandian ni Lydia at sa kaemehan ng love story ni Mr. Darcy at Elizabeth, teeeeh. Mas naapreciate ko pa siya sa Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, yung movie version. Hahahahahaha.


      3. Aaah. Kung sa pagkain may comfort food, sa books Pride and Prejudice yung comfort book ko. Haha. Though talaga namang sarap sabunutan ni Lydia at napakaharot ng babaitang yon. Pero huhu. Favorite character arc ko kasi si Mr. Darcy. Haha. Btw. Di ko pa napanuod yung Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Maganda po ba?


  5. omeyyggeeddd ang dami mong libro! buti naman nahanapan mo sila ng new homes. ako din yan prob ko dati kaya nagbenta na ako! i classify myself as a pleasure reader. chill lang. basa lang for fun para no pressure and truly maenjoy yung experience. 😀


  6. May kilala ako, medyo #3 siya. Bibilhin niya ‘yung “hyped” book or “viral” na book pero in the end, ‘di naman niya matatapos at nakatambak lang sa shelf n’ya. Masabi n’ya lang na nabasa n’ya (kahit hindi tapos). Minsan, gusto ko nalang sabihin na akin nalang ‘yung pambili mo nung libro, tutal nasasayang eh. Hahahaha


    1. Oo nga noh. To think ang mahal pa naman ng books ngaun. Gone are the days na makakabili ka ng paperback for 300. Kaya locally published binibili ko kasi pasok sa budget!

      Sa dami ng movies na based sa books ngaun, baka puno na bookshelf niya. Hahahahaha.


  7. I’m a combination of pleasure reader and intellectual reader. Minsan di kaya ng brain ko kaya I resort to light reading. When I read kasi, I like remembering lines. Eh minsan hindi ko matandaan kaya inuulit kong basahin (problema ng mga tanders, lol).


    1. Naku as much as I want na magulit ng libro, kapag tinitignan ko palang ung TBR pile ko sa bahay and yung asa virtual library ko, feeling ko kulang na kulang yung oras! 🙂 Malapit ko na ngang igive up yung iba kong physical copies.

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