my w’s of reading

Why I read. Simply because I want to. You’ll rarely find me reading classics and literary winners. It’s not that I don’t like them, I read to enjoy and not to make my brain bleed.I grew up reading Goosebumps, Sweet Valley Kids, Nancy Drew and Disney Classics. It was probably why when I was on my teens, I started liking reading romance. A good love story, a dreamy protagonist, the giddiness factor it will give me, were my basis of picking up books in my early years of reading. My family didn’t really train me to read literary back in the day. I got into reading on my own in school, when I would often find myself going to the library because that’s what the pupils on my grade do after class.

What I read. If we’ll talk about genres, a whole day is not enough to even discuss half of it. Let’s start with the genres I like to read. Please take note that these could be Young Adult or Adult books:

Fantasy. Mostly High Fantasy these days. Urban Fantasy and Paranormal.

Science Fiction. It’s technically under Fantasy but has many sub genres and could stand on its own. I mostly read Dystopia, Post Apocalypse, Speculative Fiction or simply SF.

Contemporary. Chick Lit, Romance, Coming of Age, Realistic, New Adult. Romance can also be separated in one category since it also has a lot of sub genres. Recently I only read books from this category when I need a quick fix, if I need to clean up my palate after reading too much of a particular genre or when I’m behind on my reading challenge and I need to up the numbers.

I read Manga and cook books too. Poetry and anthologies, not so much. You also won’t often find me picking up books under crime/suspense, classics, fiction, biographies and historical retelling. You might not believe it but I also read erotica and BDSM when the mood strikes—has anyone read Anne Rice’s retelling of Sleeping Beauty?

Through the years my reading habits and preferences changed. Instead of just finding books that I think are cute, I now look for a good narrative, an interesting plot and character development. I try not to be picky with genres now. I started branching out from my reading comfort zones some years ago. I was a big romance and contemporary reader for so many years. I even talked about it on the other blog when one time I got the romance bug so bad.  I also beta read romance novellas but for the past 3 years, I find myself not content with the genre. I grew tired of it and if I read one, the highest rating it could get from me is 2.5. There are some I rated 4 or 5 though you can count them in one hand.

The time I spent in reading today is not as grand as before. Life happened so I have to set priorities. Back then I could finish two to three novels a day. Lately, I read a book for a month or so. The highest number I read in a year were 200+ in 2012 & 2013. Now I only aim for 12 a year since I can only read when I have time, when I really, really, really need to divert my attention from something else and when I’m in the mood.

What genres you like to read? Do you want to challenge yourself and read books from a genre you are not familiar with? Any book recommendations?

– wl, a.

wp-image--15349670Here’s a closer look of the books I have and read for the past years. I don’t have some of them anymore.


13 Replies to “my w’s of reading”

      1. Current fave is Ready Player One! I read it way back in 2013 pa but I’m rereading it now since the trailer dropped, the movie looks like its gonna be greeeeat. An old fave tho would have to be Starship Troopers, which my dad made me read when I was a kid because of Johnny Rico being Filipino hahahaha.


  1. This post made me realize how indifferent I am to genres when deciding what books to read. I think I care more about similar authors? If I like an author’s work, I usually read his/her other works regardless of genre hehe.

    But if I have to answer the question, I’d go for fiction na lang — safe, clear, and I fully understand which pieces fit right in. Hahaha.

    Also, you know about this site ( They show you 10 books and you judge them based on their covers, and then the website judges you based on your judgments hahaha. Sabi sa akin, “You may know what you like, but you sure as hell know what you don’t like. Which is a lot, apparently.” E ampapanget n’ung iba e! Haha. Hindi naman ito sobrang fun, nice-to-try lang kung may one minute ka to spare hahaha.


    1. Umay ako sa similar authors. I need to try something else. Ganun ako lagi. Iniisip ko kasi, andaming lumalabas na authors kada taon, if I’ll stick to my tried and tested authors how would I know if the others are good or not if I will not try them diba?

      Pero may mga authors did akong napunta sa Do Not Read list ko, after kong magtry ng 1st novels nila tapos sinumpa ko. Hahaha. Kahit gaano pa kataas ang rating nung latest nilang book.

      Lately, namimili ako based sa book blurb kapag bet sige, ibookmark kita. Yung iba naman binabalikan kong series.

      Ichallenge nga kitang magbasa ng Historical Romance. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tama naman, but by “similar author,” I also meant authors that are similar to the ones I already like. The similarity could be based on ethnicity, genre, style — basta sa akin may primacy ang author over genre over ratings haha.

        Never kasi ako bumabatay sa Goodreads ratings. Sorry ha. I see literary criticism as an academic discipline — there are theories and methods of interpretation that help us uncover the meanings behind the texts. I really want to learn more about these methods and how they are applied, kaya I prefer to consider reviews/analyses written by people who at least attempt to incorporate them in their thoughts. (Baka may mga ganito rin sa Goodreads, pero mas marami pa rin ang hindi.)

        Anyways, sige, ano favorite historical romance book mo? 🙂


  2. I remember going to our school’s library during lunch kasi airconditioned dun tapos may internet. Hahaha. Unfortunately, I’m not super into Fantasy and Sci-Fi. But I looooove mystery and YAs. :p

    And oh, about pala dun sa group, I read that sa post ni Aysa pero never joined. Hahaha pwede bang intimate shit? Mga 5 or less? Takot ako sa tao. Charot hahaha


    1. I followed you on Twitter and IG naman so we could DM na lang if ever matuloy tayo to meet next month.

      I think you can add 5 people sa convo sa IG? Dunno how that works never tried it pa eh.


      1. Hahaha literal na 5 talaga. Lol I’m sort of in between introvert and extrovert so di ko keri ang super daming tao. 😥

        Will try to come up with a group a little later. Di pa ko super familiar with this part of the blogging community. Halos beauty bloggers yung naging friends ko from my old blog. Haha. Suggestions? 🙂


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