; #keepgoing

I was feeling low when I woke up today thinking of the day ahead, of the plans I have to fulfill, of the things I want to do, of how hard it is to get a part time home based job, of my frustrations on my financial obligations, loans and credit card bills I have to pay, of the hindrances I am facing before I get to relocate, and how I want to be debt free in an instant. I was thinking, am I depressed? Maybe yes. Or not. I was feeling out of sorts until I saw the state of the informal settlers along East Bank Road on my way to work this morning.

There’s an ongoing demolition in Manggahan, Floodway since Wednesday. It caused a massive traffic, inconveniencing a lot of commuters and motorists for the past few days which I think will continue until the demolition is done. It wasn’t the first time I heard or read of such an activity. I knew it always turns out ugly. It was the first time though that I saw its aftermath.

These people fought for their homes and lost it. All of their belongings were littering the streets, kids and families with no homes. They slept for the past 2 days on the streets. I was complaining of how crappy I feel, like nothing is going the way I planned, how I am fed up with work and yet I have a work for a living, a roof on top of my head, a fall back when I needed help, and I eat three full meals a day. A great deal of the working population are peevish with traffic, the government, taxes and whatever. I am not saying those are not valid issues, I am only pointing out that while we get so cranky of those things, these families are worried their homes are about to be taken away from them. Many will say they should have done this and that, how they are paying their taxes, etcetera but when I think about placing myself in their shoes, feeling what they are feeling right now, no one has the right to tell them what they should have done. The government did have a relocation site somewhere in Laguna but the place is so far from their livelihood. If they didn’t accept the government’s offer, they probably have a reason.

We all have varying degrees of problems. As I was passing the 6-8 km  demolition site, I realized who am I to complain? What validation should I get from feeling down this morning? I had a good night sleep yet these families, the kids, slept with no roof above their heads. What I saw today showed me that I should be thankful of what I have, I shouldn’t feel downhearted over things I knew I could get over on a specified time if I stick to my plan. What I need is patience and time while the residents of those demolished houses needs a new place they could start over. Their homes, some for a decade, were taken away from them.

If today you are one those who are depressed for reasons you think are valid, think of those who had it far worse than you yet they persevered. They got through it, so will you.

– wl, a.



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