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The Kindle Paperwhite arrived the other day and the reader in me is so happy but my pocket is secretly crying over the cost of getting a new one. I bought a Kindle Touch back in 2011 and after 6 years of reading abuse, it finally gave up on me. I don’t know any repair shop for Amazon Readers here in the country so my only choice is to bid goodbye to my old Kindle and get a new one.

If you are undecided if you want to get an e-reader from Amazon, here are some pros and cons to help you make or break that leap to e-reading:


It’s like carrying a library virtually anywhere. It has 4GB storage which will allow you to store around 1500-2000 ebooks depending on how big per file is. Mobi files ranges from 200kb to 4MB per novel. So imagine the variety of books you can read on one device.

It’s super lightweight. The Paperwhite only weighs 205g, a size of an A5 notebook, and as thick as a pencil. Before the Paperwhite arrived, I was already dreading the Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell Buddy Reading I have with friends for February. It’s a 5-inch thick, 800 freaking pages, hardbound book, weighing 1.29 kg (I searched). Imagine carrying that to and fro the office with your bag and packed lunch everyday. What would you choose?

You can highlight, bookmark, and put notes all you want. If you’re like me who doesn’t like writing on books, the Kindle will allow you to do those without physically harming your copy. Highlight every phrase you like and put notes on every chapter. The Kindle will automatically open where you left off whether you bookmarked it or not.

Software/Version Features. Every Kindle version has its own appeal and feature. There are little differences on each model, so it just depends on how much you are willing to spend and what you need on an e-reader. Click here for an idea of what Kindle version is best for you. I want an upgrade from my Kindle Touch so I got the Paperwhite. The latter has a built-in led lights, better resolution, and six weeks plus battery life.

It’s like paper. It won’t be called paperwhite for nothing. Even the older Kindle versions has a paper like screen. Unlike tablets, it doesn’t have a reflective light.

Free books. 95% of books out there can be downloaded from the internet for free. Let’s all be pragmatic and be honest that we all download free things online. Who doesn’t like free?

Built-in dictionary. No need to open an app or Google. Just highlight the word and the definition will pop up.

Less distraction. There’s an experimental browser but you will rarely use it. No Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or whatever distractions you find on a tablet here. Only books.

Discretion. Whether you’re reading 50 Shades of Grey or The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty or a historical romance novel with a steamy cover, no one will know.


It’s expensive. I got the mid-range model but my pocket is still crying for the cost of getting a new unit. Their latest flagship is $285. I got the Kindle Paperwhite 3 (2015 7th Gen version) for ₱6,700 without a smart case yet. Once I get the case, the total cost would be around ₱7,200. If you know anyone who’s vacationing in the US, you can order the Paperwhite for $99, the case ranges from $10-$15, from Amazon and then have it delivered where your friend is staying. Personally meet them once they’re back and get your package. You’ll save ₱1,500-2000 for the shipping. Yes, it’s pricey but if you think of the cost of getting physical copies, you’ll save more when you get a Kindle. Most paperbacks now are ₱499-799, hardbound books for ₱799-999. So if you get 10x books, that’s already the price of a Kindle Paperwhite.

It’s another gadget. Kat said this one and I agree. I thought long and hard before buying one. I don’t like reading on a smartphone, computer or tablet. I tried but the e-reading experience is different and I don’t own a tablet so it doesn’t feel like another gadget for me.

It’s not the same. If you like flipping pages or the smell of a new book, you obviously won’t experience that here. I still read physical books when I miss the feel of reading traditionally.

That’s everything I can think of. Believe me, it’s worth the money you’ll pay for. As for me, K. Version 2.0 is my Christmas, New Year, birthday, Valentine’s Day gift for myself valid for 5 years. 7k+ pesos is hard to let go.

w.l, a.


13 Replies to “kindle paperwhite”

  1. Parang gusto ko na po mag-ipon para dyan lalo na’t nagsstart na ko ngayon magbasa ng mga libro pero wala budget pambili lagi ng books huhu salamat po!


  2. Wahhh inggit ako pero yun nga, try ko muna e-books first. At ang mahal din kasi!!! Eh may iPad naman ako…so ewan. Hahahaha!! So excited to read your reviews na din 🙂


      1. False. You can download, convert it to mobi (most are epub kasi), then sesend mo sa kindle email address ng account mo. Masesave siya sa virtual cloud ng Amazon, then pwede mo na iview/download sa Kindle app.

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      2. When I search sa vk, ginagawa ko google lang. Eg: title author epub vk. Mas madali kasi kesa magsearch ka mismo sa site nila and no need pa to create an account. Sa symbianize dyan din ako nagddl ng movies.

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