random thoughts on a lucky Monday

I originally posted this on IG with a throwback image of UP Oval where I usually run whenever I could. I don’t hate Mondays but we’re not really close friends. Charet. Just the thought of the coming work week stresses me out from the time I step out of the house and make way for my 3hrs travel time to work.

🍀 I miss running at this place. I’m pretty sure I’ll have a hard time going back to track running since I’m lately doing my quick jogs on a treadmill. I want to go here tomorrow but I don’t think I could due to the errands I have to cross out before my shift starts tomorrow.
🍀 I’m 2 hours late today which is not new. What made this late different is because the bus I rode from Pangasinan had an engine trouble in the middle of nowhere. We have to wait for a new bus so we could transfer. My usual 3hrs travel time ended up with 4hrs. Walang kwentang nagTPLEX pa ako.
🍀 It’s a #LuckyMonday. I refuse to think otherwise. I will not start my week pissed and angry over things I don’t have any control.
🍀 The #RoadtoFitness and my #Roadto110lbs are a pain in the ass—actually I’m the pain the ass. It’s so frustrating I’m beginning to doubt if I could do this and I’m starting to think I’m a hopeless case.
🍀 I’ll probably just focus on #RoadtoHealthyLiving because that’s what I really need. I’ll wait for everything else to follow.
🍀 Ate Nurse just returned from her ML and what she told me was a blow to my chubby face. She said I looked different. Of course, who wouldn’t look different. I was 10lbs lighter when she last saw me.
🍀 Yes, I gained that much. And now here I am suffering from PCOS again because of the added weight. Add the on and off back pain.
🍀 I realized the change I want has to start with me. I always say I’m afraid of this and that but my desire to change the habit is not the same as before which causes all my anxiety and stress that will later result to more eating.
🍀 I decided not to obsess about it. I’ll do my part. This time, for real.
🍀 This will be the last time I’ll talk about my “plans” of losing weight. I’ll aim for a healthier me with healthier habits.
🍀 It’s a matter of discipline and determination. It’s time I do both.

It’s not a hopeless Monday after all, right?

wl, a.


6 Replies to “random thoughts on a lucky Monday”

  1. Kaya mo yan, girl. I remember when I was trying to lose weight, yung simula talaga pinakamahirap. Pero once na mahanap mo yung grove, madali na lang. I highly highly highly suggest intermittent fasting. Read up on it! 😀 Ako new goal ko is #RoadtoHealthyLiving din. Di lang enough mapababa ang weight dapat overall healthier tayo this year. Let’s do this, Alona!!! ❤


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