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I am not so sure of when I could write a decent review of all the series I’ve watched recently be it Korean drama, American series, anime, or web series. I wanted to yet whenever I try, my mind goes blank and I just sit there staring at a blank page and a blinking cursor. I wrote several footnotes while watching and I don’t want them to go to waste so I’ll do these series updates whenever I have something substantial to say.

Since this is an initial post, I’ll do the ones I have completed first, followed by the continuous series I’m on, then to those I dropped or on hiatus and also those I included on my “To Watch” radar. I’ll start with American series first and then another post for the Korean dramas I completed for the past 6 months or so.

Completed in 2017-present


The Magicians – Season 2. I love fantasy and scifi series so when the first season came out, I was immediately hooked. It had fairly good reviews so it won’t hurt if you want to give this a try. It has a Harry Potter kind of magician thing—there’s a university to train magicians, the Beast as a villain, an alternate magical kingdom with human magician rulers and a book of some sort (it’s hard to explain without giving so much spoilers). In a nutshell, it’s a magician series for adult viewers. It’s based on a book series with some alterations that did well for the TV series.

The Shannara Chronicles – Season 2. Another fantasy series based on a book of the same title. I told you, I love scifi and fantasy, right? I guess TV and movie adaptations of well-known books are a thing now. The Shannara Chronicles has a good world building; I never read the book but there’s something in it that pulls me into the story and with the characters.

Supergirl – Season 2. My heart broke when this ended. Can’t Supergirl have her happy ending with Mon-El? I guess not because knowing what happened to them in Season 3 was a deal breaker. I’ll still watch it though, Mon-El is still a good distraction when I’m stressed in the office, just in another girl’s arm. Oops. Spoiler.

Westworld. This is one hell of a dystopian scifi series. Imagine a world wherein you can do whatever you like with a bunch of human-like AIs. You can kill them, rape them, massacre a hoard of AIs, do absolutely anything you want  by just paying a sum of money similar to planning a vacation with perks you can’t do in the real world. That’s simply the premise of this series. But what if the AIs are developing a thought process similar to humans that makes them capable of understanding beyond the injected story line in their hard drives? What if they could make decisions on their own? Intriguing isn’t? You have to watch this. The narrative is bit distracting at first. Just hang on, see a few episodes in and you will understand why the initial narrative was like that. The series also delivered a good plot twist which makes the waiting for the second season all the more frustrating.

Limitless. Have you watched Scarlett Johannson’s Lucy? Limitless have some similarities with it. Our protagonist ingests a pill that would make all the neurons in his brain work in their full capacity which makes him uber intelligent. The downside is it only works for 24 hours and it has a killer side effect. It’s a good show if you like crime investigation with a twist.

Van Helsing – Season 1 & 2. You want vampires? Here’s a series with vampires and an iconic vampire slayer. The protagonist, Vannessa Helsing, is a descendant of the Van Helsing. I like the series enough to continue watching it and see how season 3 will go. It’s also a little gruesome.

Teen Wolf – Season 6. Finally the series ended after 6 years of seeing how Taylor Posey developed his body and have mouthwatering abs. My thoughts when I found out this was ending? It will be the last time I’ll see Posey’s asymmetrical jaw and oohlala body. I’m just disappointed with how they wrap up the series. It feels rushed and unsatisfying.

The Gifted – Season 1. Do you like X-Men? The timeline of The Gifted is hard to pinpoint if it’s before the X-Men world reboot, after, in between or simultaneous. Some of the episodes are a drag. If you are an X-Men geek, you’ll have a good time guessing who are blood related to some X-Men characters based on their inherited or mutated powers. It has a balance of family drama, coupled with scifi elements. It did have a satisfying, cliff hanger ending, raising possible plots for season 2 and showing a repeat of what the x-men world was all about, mutants who want to coexist with humans vs mutants who want to kill humans vs sympathizers vs humans who want all mutants dead. Classic X-Men world, right?

Riverdale – Season 1. I know Archie, the comics, was a thing but I never ever read even one book. I know the characters, that’s how iconic the comics are, I don’t have any idea though of the what the comics are about. The series is a mix of high school drama, family secrets, town intrigues, and what else? Teenage relationship issues that you only see onscreen. They used most of the character’s names in the comics but the arcs of each episodes and whatever climatic plot the series is building up, have nothing to do with the comics at all.

Mindhunter. I had weeks of serial killer obsession after seeing this and reading the non-fiction book it was based from. Are you familiar with serial killer profiling? Criminal Minds series? This is where it all began. Set in late 70s and early 80s, we follow 2 NBI agents of the Behavioral Unit, talk to real life “sequence” killers, to understand their thought process and get into the minds of these psychopaths to determine what drives them to kill, multiple times. Their struggle? Psychological disturbance or mental illness is a taboo back on those days and how thinking like psychopaths when needed affect their real lives. One of the things I liked in the series is how different the technology is back then. They carry an 18” voice recorder, complete with an outside mic to record their sessions.

I have several series on my plate right now. Some are continuous series, others are new. Here’s the list:

Supergirl – Season 3
The Flash – Season 4
Arrow – Season 4
Riverdale – Season 2
DC Legends of Tomorrow – Season 3
Black Lightning
The Magicians – Season 3

What are you watching? Any favorites or recommendations?

– wl, a.



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