random thoughts on a very hot, humid and stressful week

I know it’s summer and I should get used to the unrelenting heat of April but one thing I don’t like about hot weather is, it tends to make you hot headed too. I had this draft for a few days now and it’s a waste of effort if I’ll rewrite this all over again, so I’ll have it for a week instead. Yes, a week of random rants, mostly office related. Lol.


• I will have to learn how to commute at 3 in the morning after my shift because I refuse to pay Grab’s fare of 300+ Php from SM North EDSA to Cainta even if there’s no traffic at that hour. Uber charges me 180-200 Php then. Grab’s fee is just too much.
• Grab fare is more expensive than my usual fare when going home to the province—that’s Cubao to Pangasinan.
• This predicament makes me want to finally look for a home-based job plus other motherhood-related issues.
• I just don’t know where to start and if I can let go of the benefits of working at a regular company in a snap.
• But the changes they want to do with my workload and schedule are not very promising and many work-related brouhahas are making me reconsider other options. They just aren’t listening.
• I hate the commute and I’m starting to resent the job after trying for the past months to be more than a mediocre employee since it feels as if what you do is not enough even if you are already doing well compared to your previous performance—for them though, it’s never enough. I am slowly reaching my limit. I have to suck it up for now because it pays and I still need the money.
• I said at the start of the year, I’ll stay for 2 more years. I don’t think I could. I’ll stay until the first quarter of 2019. If I can find a homebased job within that time frame, I won’t wait anymore. I’ll leave this place.
• I’m not even sure if I can stay with this company until 2019. If the scenario gets more unpleasing for the next months, there’s a possibility I’ll leave before the year ends.
• Honestly, I’m tired with this management. They don’t want to compromise. They don’t have people skills, period. This job is not worth the stress anymore.
• The little girl is sick again. Her yaya is stressing me out too. I want to personally take care of my daughter. If I’m just not thinking of our finances, I would have left immediately without seconds thoughts.
• I’ll stop talking about work because the more I think about it, the more I want to leave, the more I stress over it because I know, I can’t yet.


• I started tracking my expenses daily as what Kat is doing on her blog. I’m just on day two and I’m already way over my budget. This is what I don’t like when I’m stressed with other things. I tend to spend without thinking which adds to the stress once I do a check and balance on my budget vs. expected vs expenses.
• I tried 3 different waxing salons since I switched to hot wax and so far Pink Parlour PH has the best service when it comes to technicians and the type of wax they use. It’s almost painless too. I usually have Brazilian Wax done once every quarter. I tried Belle La Peau last January because of the 10% discount you’ll get from Pag-Ibig Loyalty Card. I ended up getting many bumps it’s as if I shaved instead of getting a wax. The discount is so not worth it.
• Today tried Body Tune’s Brazilian Wax for 500 Php. Cheaper than Belle Lea Peau and Pink Parlour PH and the worst service out of the three. It’s the most painful wax I had, ever, since I started having it done.
• I’m thinking if I’ll write a review of all the salons I tried for eye brow threading and waxing. If I’ll rate the 3 from 1-5, 5 being the highest, Pink Parlour PH is 5/5, Belle Lea Peau is 2/5, Body Tune 1/5 and Lay Bare 3/5.
• I met with Mommy A, the blogger behind Misis-Mommy Maghapon, briefly today. I gave her birthday gift and she gave me very cute hair clips for me and my daughter.
• She handcrafted those and sell them. If you want a personalized hair accessory for your little girls, order one from Mommy A. It’s worth it.


• I started watching A Love so Beautiful and it reminded me so much of It Started with a Kiss. I couldn’t sleep this morning after having more 3 cups of coffee last shift so I jumped to episode 19 and skimmed through all the remaining episodes until episode 23.
• Okay, so I cheated. The guy is very cute and their love team is worth shipping but I can’t sit through 23hours of watching high school shit. I like Slice of Life series but I favor Josei more than Shojo themed Slice of Life/Drama series. They had the high school stuff run for more than half of the series with not so impressive acting from the cast, no changes in appearances even with the time jump and a little blunt affect acting. Maybe, I was just used to watching Kdramas.
• I’ll try watching other Cdramas and Jdramas instead while waiting for an interesting Kdrama to show up on my radar. I’ll continue the rest of American series I’m currently watching.
• I came from a 5pm – 2 am shift yesterday then to 2pm – 11pm shift today. I had very little sleep since I had too much coffee last night. I slept at 7 in the morning and woke up at 12nn.
• I am so bangenge.
• I am still not over my work-related rants, I ended up stress eating again.


• I had an epic katangahan when I went home last night. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was while going home, I passed my designated stop and ended up paying 50 pesos for a tricycle fare.
• Still have no enough sleep. I slept at 4am, woke up at 9am. I couldn’t even bring myself to do my usual morning treadmill run. I don’t have the energy.
• I left the house at 1pm which was the reason I had to take a cab in Cubao. I could have left earlier, kaya lang.
• I’m just tamad. This is what I don’t like when I let work stress me too much. It affects everything.
• I started watching Love O2O and I am so shipping for this tandem. I enjoyed this way better than A Love so Beautiful. Online gaming is part of the story, you know how much I like shows, movies, anime, and books with that theme, right?
• I am half in love with Yang Yang.
• I’m also super frustrated over their kissing scenes. HUWWAAAY CAN’T ATEEH KISS HIM BACK?! AKO NA LANG HAHALIK DIYAN!
•  But, but, it’s still swoon worthy!
• I have a follow up checkup with my OB for my PCOS (dapat last week pa ‘to) but schedule conflict. But, really. I am just making an excuse. I’ll see her next Tuesday. Hay, if only I could find a better, more hands on, friendly and patient oriented OB than her.


• OMG. I literally had 2 hours of sleep. FREAKING. TWO. HOURS.
• I couldn’t really sleep early for the entire week. My late mid shift schedule ruined my whole sleeping pattern. I have another late mid shift schedule next week and I am already dreading it.
• I need sleep and rest especially next week.
• I have to, it’s just 12 days before the little girl’s second birthday. It’s a pool party so I can’t afford to get sick. Although, I am feeling I might now have slight colds and cough. Probably because of lack of sleep my immune system can’t cope up.
• I am so over my budget this week. I’m going to revisit my budget for next 3 pay outs and put sticky notes everywhere that I need to save up!
• Why is adulting so hard? Make it double—Parent Adulting.
• It isn’t part of my budget but I need to get a massage. My back is killing me. Oh, stress. I don’t want you next week.
• I won’t let this reach 1500 words so I’ll end it here and start working on my backlog.
• On seconds thoughts, I’ll take a nap. HAHAHAHA.

How was your week?

– wl, a.

Here’s a glimpse of the kissing scenes I was talking about.
Ako na lang talaga ang hahalik sa kanya!


5 Replies to “random thoughts on a very hot, humid and stressful week”

  1. Alona huhuhu I feel you!!! Kung pwede lang din talaga magresign and maghome based job na. Sabayan pa ng kung anu-anong ganap sa life. Push lang. Hoping this week would be better for you! ❤

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