money diaries │ week one

I had to think long and hard before doing this, simply because I don’t want to see where my money is going every day and how lazy I could get, budget-wise, when I’m stressed. Writing it down felt like a hard slap on my face so I don’t do it but I would never be able to work on my financial woes and bad habits if I wouldn’t make that step of really tracking my expenses, right?

So here I am. It’s actually a bad week to start since I was so stressed for the past few days I ended up buying and spending over my weekly allowance. I am also planning and will be spending a lot for the little girl’s birthday party so it feels like I don’t want to track this at all but where is the fun in that? Let’s bring this adulting a notch even if I’m barely hanging on.

Day One

I raided my mom’s fridge for veggies to bring home to Manila before travelling to work today. Veggies from the province is a lot cheaper than buying it in Manila so I got a week worth of free ingredients for whatever I’ll cook this week. Got an iced coffee and bread for my baon and off I go to work. Provincial bus fare from Villasis to SM North EDSA is PHP 281. I spent PHP 100 for my load this week.

Most of my expenses today are for coffee. I had a late lunch when I arrived at the office. I ate the bread I brought and bought an iced coffee in 7/11 for PHP 24. I finished all my work backlogs for last week then had dinner with a banana (PHP 15), yogurt and coffee (PHP 29). I also bought pork from the grocery for PHP 99 that’ll be used for the Pork Binagoongan I’ll cook for tomorrow.

I went home at 11:30 PM, spent PHP 37 for my fare and Php 50 for the efficascent oil I bought in 7/11 for my back pain.

Daily Total: PHP 635

Day Two

I am already stressing with work since yesterday so I am not really looking forward at how my spending will go today because as per past experiences whenever I feel so trapped with work, unhappy and on the verge of resigning, I spend and eat and spend some more and eat again. It’s not just the expenses blowing up but also my weight friends.

Instead of prepping for my baon I bought Pork Adodo, one cup rice and Laing from a trusted karinderya near at home for PHP 75. If your asking what happened with the Pork Binagoongan, well, I ate it for a late dinner last night and breakfast today with no left over for my baon. Fare going to work is PHP 39.

I spent too much on coffee again. I had 2 cans of Nestle Black Iced Coffee for PHP 64 and Café Latte for PHP 39. For my dinner I only spent PHP 5 for a half cup rice.

What made today’s expenses blow up is the Brazilian Wax I had at Body Tune for PHP 500 and the Miniso purchase for PHP 297. Fare going home is PHP 35.

Daily Total: PHP 1,054

Day Three

It’s just Wednesday but I already spent too much! Baon today is Pinakbet and Tinapa. Fare going to work is PHP 39. I barely slept from my 5pm to 2:30am shift yesterday yet here I am already on my way to work for my 2pm shift the following day. I got a McDonald’s Vanilla Iced Coffee for PHP 49.

I am still stressed over work-related stuff. Today I channeled all those to food. I ate siopao and cup noodles and had Black Iced Coffee from 7/11 for PHP 83. I didn’t spend anything for dinner. I also didn’t go out of the office until I went home at 11:30pm. My fare went up to PHP 85 because I was stupid not to look at where I was on my ride to Pasig, I passed my usual stop. I had to pay PHP 50 for a special tricycle trip

Daily Total: PHP 256

Day Four              

Baon is Pork Nilaga. Fare going to work is PHP 129. I took a cab from Cubao to SM North EDSA because I was so lazy I didn’t prep early for work.

I had beef mami with egg and coffee for my afternoon snack, PHP 77. I didn’t spend anything for dinner. Fare going home is PHP 37. I didn’t really spend too much on food but it all went to my fare.

Daily Total: PHP 243

Day Five

It’s Friday and I am so ready to end this very expensive and stressful week. My schedule for Fridays is 8am – 5pm, instead of sleeping immediately when I got home from my 2pm – 11pm shift last night, I watched a Chinese drama and slept for only 2 hours before going to work. I had to take the habal-habal to make it, at least, 15 minutes late. My fare going to work is PHP 170.

I had no time to cook. I had breakfast from 7/11 and spent PHP 80. After my 9am call, I felt the stress is really getting uncontrolled, my back felt so stiff, the day is not even half over. I ended up getting an Aroma Therapy Massage from Body Tune for PHP 772.

I had lunch in the office’s pantry for PHP 55 and coffee for PHP 24. I’m going home to Pangasinan after my shift. Fare going to Cubao is PHP 10 while the Provincial Bus Fare is PHP 296.

Daily Total: PHP 1,407

Day Six

Ideally when you’re at your parent’s house, you shouldn’t be spending anything but if you have a child, then spending is inevitable, because you know—diapers, milk, toiletries, etc.

Baby supplies day: I bought diapers, milk and of course, my stash of coffee. I spent PHP 628 for the supplies as for the milk, it’s PHP 1,755 for a 1.8kg Enfagrow A+ Three good for 10 days. Fare going to town and back home is PHP 40.

Daily Total: PHP 2,423


Let’s do the breakdown vs the budget vs the expenses.

Expenses Week 1

This week’s work allowance is double the usual. The challenge for next week is to have it under PHP 750, work allowance and PHP 500, food allowance.

Good luck to me.

– wl, a.



8 Replies to “money diaries │ week one”

  1. I love how detailed your post is! Especially the table at the end! ❤ Ang gastos kapag ang nagiging stress reliever ay food. 😦 Pero kaya yan next week. Fight lang!


    1. Food and spa! Buti na lang hindi ko pa naisipang magpasalon. Hahahahaha. Naku, prep ako for Flamie’s bday next week pero nde ko na lang isasama sa weekly allowance ko. Separate post na lang. Hahahah.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ang cute mo din kasi talagang pagnasstress ka spa ang pang destress. Ako kasi hanggang skincare lang lol. Gusto ko din try pang destress ang spa!


  2. Ang gastos talaga ng gatas. Ang laki rin ng kain sa budget namin nung nagagatas pa si bunso. Puro solids na sya and ang binibili ko sa kanya yung 1L na nasa carton, chocolate milk dRink kasi tagal nya na rin di nagbobote. Ayoko magtrack ng expenses this week kasi Grab ako ng ilang araw alam ko oover ako sa budget huhu. Pero try ko rin haha.!


  3. Naglilista na din ako ng expenses this month! Haha. Before kasi medyo in denial pa ako pero lately, napapnsin ko talaga ang gastos hehe hindi pa ako nagtatrabaho nito ha. Nasa bahay lang ako. Pero yung mga expenses ko naman, malaking part ung groceries and weekly fruit stock namen for the little kid. Kaso medyomadammi padin extra expenses huhu. Ang problema nga lang,hindi ko naman lagi nalilista na sobrang detailed kung magkano at ano yung nagastos ko. Like, for example nagwithdraw ako ng 1k tas hindi ko naman madalas nalilista ung breakdown ng ginastos ko sa 1k kasi nakalimutan ko na hehe


    1. Ang sarap maging in denial, diba? Hahaha. Minsan nakakalimutan ko din, kaya ang ginagawa ko before the day ends, nililista ko lahat ng pwedeng ilista na ginagawa ko for today and then saka na ako magsusulat by weekend.


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