coffee date │ april – may

How are you blogging friends? I haven’t opened WordPress recently so I am not aware of how everyone is doing. I have a lot of back reading to do.   Let’s catch up.

If we are having a coffee, here are the things I’ll tell you about with some I’m not really very keen to share but it’s chismisan time so let’s have all the juicy chismis out.

I haven’t written anything here for a while, obviously. I was extremely preoccupied for the past few weeks so writing has taken a back seat. Well, not just writing. I haven’t read any new books recently, I stopped tweeting and instagramming and I didn’t finish my April BUJO and didn’t create any for May. I won’t call it a slump. It was a conscious decision not to write, not to be on social media, not to read and not to bullet journal. For writing, I had so many things to write about I ended up not writing at all because my thoughts are all over the place. Reading, I couldn’t find a book that’ll hold my interest longer than chapter three. Social Media, it’s such an effort and I don’t want to exert effort just to rant or maintain an aesthetic IG feed. Bujo, my dotted notebook got accidentally drenched. Everything was ruined—from my future log to my latest weekly spread to unused pages. Seeing all the effort I put into doing my previous spreads go to waste doused my desire to continue doing it.

I got super busy prepping for Flamie’s second birthday and then super tired once it was over. I didn’t plan to have a grand birthday party. I know we want to go out swimming because the scorching heat of May is excruciating. I just didn’t expect it would be that tiring and expensive. I don’t want to think much of the cost since I had my mom and my sister and Vinz to help me with the expenses but the effort to pull it off is too much, it sucked all the energy in me. I don’t want to even write a money diary post lately as I don’t’ want to see where my money went—that’s how stressed I was.

I was thinking of relocating and experience a new working environment so I tried applying for a new job role, a new company and a possible home based QA job—and then I changed my mind. To all of those. I still went through with the internal application. I was already having second thoughts when the recruiter first called me regarding my application. I haven’t heard from them for 3 weeks so I thought I didn’t qualify for the post. So when they did contact me, instead of feeling elated I was more annoyed of the time I need to squeeze in for the interviews and doing the sample case study they sent. It was during month end so I have so many things on my plate. I knew right after the second interview that I’m out of the game. I also applied for another company for a QA position. They called me several times but when I learned that a person who maligned me (who had absolutely no right to do so) is also working there, my interest dwindled. I could have tried yet I didn’t. I knew deep within; it will be a wasted effort for both parties if I’ll push through with the application. As for the possible home based QA job, I forgot to do the instruction my friend sent me to do. I still want to work from home, I am not just sure if they haven’t filled out the post yet.

I had a lot of life brouhahas lately be it work related, life related, health related, mommy-hood related and whatever-related. I don’t want to name names. I’ll leave it with I gained weight again because I stress eat—a lot. Yes, that’s how brouhaha those things were.

I feel like I lost some of the friends I made over the years. I understand that at one point in our lives, we all have to evolve into mature individuals, facing our own lives, some with our own families and me being my usual distant self when life gets too busy. Yet, sometimes I can’t help feel that I’ve lost the connection we’ve made years ago. I still meet the other group I’m in and I think I get to share most of the not so mundane issues I get myself into with them than the other group. I just feel sad and I miss the friendship we had. Although, I know that the ties are still there—not just the same as before. We’re all leading different lives to different directions. We’ll probably reconnect someday, when the time is right.

Speaking of reconnecting, I reconnected with some of my old gaming friends. I mentioned in the past that I was once an online gamer who quitted because I can no longer spend hours in front of a computer, grinding. Hurray for games moving to the mobile platform. The gaming experience may not be as extensive as the ones offered for desktop but I like the mobility and access it gives me even for just a few minutes or hours a day. Dragon Nest M was officially released last month and I was a bit late in playing. I found out that my friends from the good old days of PC MMOs are also playing but we were scattered to different servers. The core members of UprisingPH decided to start over in a new server and viola! Here we are. Just like old times. This game served as a reunion for the first batch of Uprisers and a new family for the new comers. We’ll be having a meet up next month so I’ll tell how it went on my June coffee date post.

I also met two lovely ladies from the TFioB community. I met Mommy A briefly at SM North EDSA to give her birthday gift. She also gave me lovely hair bows for Flamie. Her hair clips are real quality. I met Rhea first week of May and we had a heart to heart, crazy (mostly me) conversation of our lives over coffee. It was nice meeting new people who don’t feel like strangers at all. That’s what I like with TFioB. Even if I haven’t met them personally yet, I feel as if I know them because we all share personal shenanigans and lessons in our life in our personal blogs. I wish I can be free one weekend so I can meet the people behind the blogs.

I can’t wait for May to end. Money wise, May had always been an expensive month. Most of my money go out, starting from Flamie’s birthday and then followed by unprecedented events from personal, to work, to health and to whatever that didn’t just stretch my patience but also my wallet.

Overall the past two months were stressful, a little sad yet rewarding in terms of friendship be it old or new. I may have felt I lost some connections I made in the past because life happened. I usually have the tendency to drift away when I feel so wrap up with so many things. I missed writing here, sharing things, ranting and talking to virtual friends.

wl, a.

How was your month? Tell me on the comments below.


11 Replies to “coffee date │ april – may”

  1. Alona, I missed you!!! Sana okay ka na today, bukas, at magpakailanman. Nararamdaman ko yung stress/lungkot mo habang binabasa ko yung post mo 😦 It’s just a bad month, not a bad life diba? Push lang tayo. Hopefully soon matupad na din mga goals lalo na yung sa work mo. Either sana mas malapit sa North (para mas madali makauwi) or home based! Kaya yan friend. Sending you lots and lots of virtual hugs! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rheaaaa, hello. Okay lang nman. May pabalik balik lang na infection kaya inis na inis ako. Hahahha.

      I’m not sure yet pero I might be free June 16-17. Baka kasi magjoin akong Fun Run ng June 17. Pero bakaaa busy ka. 🙂 Andyan lang naman ang buffet meal. Hahaha.

      Good luck sa meet up niyo with TFiOB next week! 🙂 Inggit akooooo.

      Liked by 1 person

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