coffee date │ june – july

I want to do this monthly but life happened, writing has once again taken a back seat. Grab your favorite blend and let’s catch up.

If we are having a coffee, I’ll tell you of the highlights of my past 2 months. It’s not all sunshine, breezy and easy but I’m glad I was able to surpass the hurdles thrown to my face lately, albeit difficult, I am still getting by.

I met with some members of the UprisingPH Guild last June. As I’ve said in our last Coffee Date, I’m so excited for this meet up since the last time I saw them were 4 years ago. Most of them aren’t new online friends. I first met them in 2014 when we were playing RO2. We continued to be friends on Facebook with occasional chitchat here and there. For this meet up, we had some new members meeting us for the first time. The new faces I saw were Rejoyous (aka Emina), Loyd and Jainer. I’ve grown close to Rejoyous over the past weeks because girls unite in the MMORPG world where boisterous men rules.

I started going out again when I have free Saturdays. I had two weekends all for myself for the past 2 months. I met with Emina during those days and spent the afternoon eating. The last weekend I stayed in Manila, we went to Antipolo because I want to visit and pray in a church I haven’t visited before. I plan to visit 12 churches this year whether it’s a first time or not.

I’m trying to find that work-family-life-balance in this hectic, stressful way of life I have now. This reminds me of Rhea from TFiOB reaching out a few days ago about our long-awaited buffet date which I won through her blogversary give away. I’m hoping I’ll have a free weekend this August because the last few weeks of July were a challenge.

I sort of gave up social media. Okay, not totally because I still have Facebook on my phone but I only use it because of the group I manage for the Uprising Guild. I don’t have Instagram and Twitter anymore. My accounts are still there. I just don’t use the apps. It’s also the reason I am not writing on the blog. I want to drift off from a world full of self-entitled influencers who think of themselves as above everyone else. I’m too old for internet shit. I’d rather connect to people who are making the effort to get to know the people behind the blog, the game, and show their faces in real life than those who just relentlessly rant online.

I am slowly getting back to reading and bullet journaling. Reading will always be my first love. It’s not news that I want to read again. I just can’t do a marathon reading like what I do 7 years ago. I realized after not tracking anything from April to May that I really need to track things. I don’t know where my money went for those months, I am always forgetting things, and I am certainly not meeting some deadlines which makes my life every end of the month crazy difficult. I don’t do BUJO just because a lot of people are doing it and it’s a thing. I do it because I need it. It’s keeps me sane and the hours I spend doing the spreads is one of my ways of dealing with stress. The only downside of this is, I’m starting to get addicted with collecting pens, brush pens and markers—at least I can track that my money goes to those pens, right?

I was rushed to Capitol Medical Center’s ER on the last week of July. I think I had too much coffee. Seriously though, I was having some serious chest pains and difficulty breathing that I thought it could be heart attack. Yes, I am that paranoid. I had a panic attack early in the morning, I couldn’t sleep and I still have a bunch of things to do in the office. A week a before that, my daughter was sick. I was out of work, unpaid, for two days. The weekend following that, my Nanay was hospitalized due to Dengue. And then I had to go back to a ton of workload. The good thing is, it’s GERD and nothing more serious but this episode prompted me to meet my Cardiologist whom I haven’t seen since December last year.

Problems really comes in threes. After the health issues I had with me and my family, I am once again facing troubles related to the place where I am staying in Cainta and Alvin’s current problem which directly affects me. Money issues could easily be solved; you can earn it back. Family is another matter.

This whole ordeal that I don’t want to talk about in detail made me realize how lucky I am to have my parents and siblings. I have a family who groomed us to be better individuals, to treat our siblings like a part of our limbs, to help each other when one needs help, to never give up helping them, guiding them when times get tough, and never ever throw the help you’ve given on their faces like they owe you their lives and parents who never showed us they favor one child over the other even if we know our Nanay and Tatay’s favorite is our bunso. Parents who will never get tired of guiding and helping their children because they could. Parents who won’t give up because they know they were able to raise strong kids. Being a parent myself made me realize that you just can’t blame a child’s attitude on them, it will always, always go back to you. You’ve got to ask yourself, who reared them?

I am trying to face and think of one problem at a time. I feel so overwhelmed of the events of the past two months, I feel like I am full of stress from neck down to my toes. I seriously need a break and a breather of all the troubles I am going through.

This won’t be a meme for me, I’m really saying:

– wl, a.


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