coffee date │ august

All I want is a stress-free month yet life has been extremely difficult the past months I am so exhausted with the things happening in my life since June.

If we are having a coffee, I would ask you to treat me since I’m broke for this month. HAHAHAHA. Let’s catch up.

Why do mishaps happen when nearing the end of month? This started last June, then July and now August. I had to rush my daughter to the hospital and had her admitted due to dehydration. She had diarrhea for a few days before that and she’s not responding to oral antibiotics. We didn’t stay that long which I am thankful of, but the ordeal of seeing your child hospitalized is traumatizing, even for this non-practicing mommy nurse.

I want to resign. I had so many absences for the past three months because of emergency cases at home. When it’s time to go back to work, I’ll be facing a ton of workload accumulated over the days I’m out of the office. I am grateful I have a boss who could understand yet I can’t help feel I’m a burden to the team. They don’t do the work I leave behind, I’m still the one responsible to finish all the deliverables for the site I handle when I get back. It’s just that, I’m not a “thick-faced” employee who won’t feel ashamed when a not so nice behavior is excessive. 어떡해? [Ottoke? What should I do) I can’t predict when an emergency would happen. That is why it’s called emergency, right?

I am writing this post instead of catching up on my work backlogs. That is a proof of how stressed I am guys, I need to let it all out. If not, I’ll go bat shit crazy.

August started out fine. The first 2 weeks and a half were okay. Please, let my September be stress-less. Yes, LESS. I am not praying for a stress-free month, that’ll be impossible for me so let’s aim for better BER months ahead. Utang na loob.

I am eating away my stress for the past months which naturally ended with me gaining weight and probably a slightly uncontrolled blood sugar (I haven’t checked yet). I’d check my FBS tomorrow. I went to my OB yesterday to have something checked and she said it could be attributed to uncontrolled sugar and stress which I have both. I was prescribed a week worth of meds and a medication I have to take twice in 2 weeks that cost Php 689 one tablet. I need to work on my diet—as in really focus on it and not just blabber about it kasi punyeta ang taba ko na. I have health issues to begin with, the additional weight is not good. Literal.

I won’t finish tracking my expenses for August. I made a quick summary of my monthly expenses last week and it totaled to 41k. Adding up all other expenses until end of the month, I’ll probably hit 50k. I have HMO and PhilHealth which covered my daughter’s hospital bill, though we still had some expenses. I won’t track my Week 34-35 expenditures. Just thinking of my possible total expenses without the health insurance (actually, even with the health insurance) is enough to make me throw things over the wall.

I went back to watching Korean series, several anime and started watching the China version of Meteor Garden. I need a distraction. What better distraction can you get than seeing yummy oppas and Chinese heartthrobs, right?

I need to go out. Apparently, I won’t be going home this weekend. I’ll have my Saturday and Sunday all to myself and clothes I need to fold that are now as high as Mt. Everest.

Let me have a month (all BER months please) where I can relax and think of nothing else.

  • wl, a.


6 Replies to “coffee date │ august”

  1. “Just thinking of my possible total expenses (without the health insurance (actually, even with the health insurance)) is enough to make me throw things over the wall.” THIS IS ME!


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