With Love –A. is my personal blog, my outlet whenever I feel like ranting or simply want to talk or write about random things. I’d been blogging for the past five years in Off the Wall, a review blog for books, movies and Asian series with a little mix of personal posts. I closed down the site after realizing I can no longer keep a niche blog. Not that I lost interest in writing but because I find myself wanting to write outside the box of my previous blog. I felt that the blog doesn’t suit my writing needs anymore thus the need to move to a new home. You may still visit the site here and see the reviews I made for the past years.

Hi, I’m Alona from the Philippines. I’m a nurse working in a call center for the past eight years and counting, an ISTJ though sometimes not so much, a bookworm who already gave up book hoarding (a little), and a proud new mom to a beautiful baby girl.

I stopped playing MMORPGS  because I don’t really have the time to that anymore. I still occassionally watch Asian series but I don’t binge watch them anymore. I prefer watching 2-3 episodes of a finished drama every once in a while or see ongoing series. It’s different for American series though, I still binge watch them on Netflix. Aside from reading and my drama series addiction, I also like travelling and food.

I also discovered my new found love for cooking and trying out new dishes I haven’t tried to cook. I like learning new recipes and I’d like to learn how to bake.

I am still a little girl with a big heart with so much love to give. I’m set in a journey of strengthening my faith and fulfilling what my heart truly desires with my growing family.


I started having a word every year in 2013 but it wasn’t until 2014 wherein I officially joined the bandwagon of One Word in 365 days. In 2016 my word is Blessed. They say a child is always a blessing and with the birth of my daughter comes the birth of my word.


My word for 2017 came in early. I usually steer clear of powerful words because the challenges it brings are beyond words. I didn’t hesitate when this word came to me. It was only at the start of the year when I realized how powerful the word is. My constant prayer these days is for God to let me choose joy in His name. I believe that your word will come when you need it and I knew that is the word I need for this year.


When my word for 2018 came in early, I was afraid to go with it. It took me awhile to finally accept that this word is what I need for 2018. Having a seemingly easy word the previous year, traumatized me in using another big word for the following year because most easy words are actually difficult to maintain and achieve until I read about upon Jared Latigo’s post regarding why courage requires fear.

Know more about my One Word here.


 Feel free to journey with me and leave a message or comment if you want to.
See you around!


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