asian drama list

According to My Drama List, I watched a total of 1,318 episodes, 60 shows in 56 days and 2 hours or 1,346 hours of my life.

01. 49 Days
02. All About Eve
03. Autumn in My Heart
04. Boys over Flowers
05. Cinderella’s Stepsister
06. City Hunter
07. Coffee Prince
08. Dong Yi
09. Dream High
10. Faith
11. Fated to Love You
12. Full House
13. Goblin
14. Gu Family Book
15. Heartstrings
16. Jewel in the Palace
17. Jumong
18. King of Baker, Kim Tak Goo
19. King of High School
20. Legend of the Blue Sea
21. Lie To Me
22. Love Rain
23. Love Story in Harvard
24. Lovers in Paris
25. Marry Me Mary
26. Master’s Sun
27. Monstar
28. Moon Embracing the Sun
29. Moonlight Drawn By Clouds
30. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
31. My Love from Another Star
32. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
33. My Princess
34. Perfect Taste
35. Playful Kiss
36. Princess Hours
37. Queen Inhyun’s Man
38. Rooftop Prince
39. Secret Garden
40. Shining Inheritance
41. Spring Waltz
42. Stairway to Heaven
43. Sungkyunkwan Scandal
44. Temptation of a Wife
45. The Heirs
46. The King 2 Hearts
47. The World That They Live In
48. Winter Sonata
49. You’re Beautiful

50. Autumn’s Concerto
51. Devil beside You
52. Fated to Love You
53. Hana Kimi
54. It Started with a Kiss
55. Love Keeps Going
56. Meteor Garden
57. Romantic Princess
58. They Kiss Again
59. Why Why Love

60 .Hana Yori Dango

– wl, a.


All Time Favorites: 
– Coffee Prince
– Goong/Princess Hours
– It Started with a Kiss

Currently Watching:
– The Package
– While You Were Sleeping

Plan to Watch:
– Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
– Remember War of Son

The k-dramas I just started are still running in Korea. Who wants to buddy watch with me? What k-dramas are you watching right now?



when frustration hits you hard

a review on Lineage2 Revolution

I lost my cool the other day and threw my phone across the bed, it bounced and hit the wall… of pillows. I should be thankful for the pillows if not I would be phone-less by now. I even almost accidentally hit my daughter if my partner was not at our daughter’s side when I had a fit. I didn’t have a fight with someone or read something bad or irritating on social media if that’s what you’re thinking. I would usually just rant if that’s the case. This time, I snapped over a game. Yes, an effing mobile MMORPG.

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under the same sky

on days that i miss you
the times when i want to hug you
when a phone call, a chat or a video call
can’t calm my aching heart
i’ll look up at the sky
and say to myself
that even if we are apart
we see one moon
one sunrise and sunset
and until the day
when you are the last i see when i close my eyes
and the first i lay my eyes on when i wake up
i’ll content myself with the thought
that we are always
under the same sky

on annotations, book reviews and bookish pet peeves

last post of my three part bookish hanash

Read Jolen’s post here.

I don’t annotate books. I hate writing on my physical books for I feel like that’s a major sin any bookish person would do on their print copies. I use sticky notes if there is something I want to note or write the page down on a notebook and put my thoughts in there. I don’t highlight my favorite quotes in a novel either. I use transparent sticky bookmarks. To make my life easier, I read in my Kindle because I can highlight and put notes in there how many times I like without physically harming the book.

Relatability as basis of one’s reading experience. If it happens all the time, then yes it could be annoying. It’s common for readers to find books they would easily understand and could see themselves with. It’s easier to read a book you could connect with than a character you would have to decipher to get what they’re up to. Sometimes it’s not even relatability per se but how they understood the character’s actions or personality. I wouldn’t call them self-absorbed unless that’s their only basis of how they rate the novel. Most of the time readers would ask themselves; did l like it? Was the ending good? Does the attitude of the protagonist makes sense? Was the narrative okay? Was it boring? Was the pacing dragging? Was the world building solid?

When I make reviews I make it a point to discuss the narrative, the character’s development and the pros and cons of the novel. I don’t like one dimensional characters, they often make me want to hurl the book across the room. One of the worst heroines I had the misfortune of reading was Eona from a book by Alison Goodman. I gave this a one star rating no matter how good the world building was because the freaking heroine doesn’t handle decisions very well to the very end. That novel has an average rating of 4.12, with over 30k+ readers with majority of them singing praises for that series. Am I a minority? Yes, the goddamn heroine has no character development and it annoyed the hell out of me. Sounds shallow, right? I read to enjoy not commit murder.

It’s always subjective why one like a book or not. You said these readers who look for relatability shun other pieces of literary, maybe what they are looking for is not in that book. It’s hard to read a book on a certain topic if you are going through something similar right now. Take it from me. I had to refuse a beta reading request because the book was about break up and I was not ready to read one about it yet back then. It took me a year since its publication to finally get my hands on that book. Did relatability affect my book judgement? Yes. This time, it can’t be helped.

This industry is still business especially on mainstream novels. There was a time paranormal novels are so in after the Twilight saga, almost all the books you’ll find months after that are full of Twilight tropes. These are proven formulas that sell. I discussed this once in Off the Wall, when Pop Fiction here in the Philippines had a sudden massive following that almost all publishers get books from Wattpad.

I’d been in the book blogging community long enough to see how readers and reviewers develop their book choices. Heck, I found my renewed love for reading because of Twilight Saga but I did not stop from there. It took me years to expand from my reading comfort zones. Sometimes preference change as you grow old. You cannot make a person read something if they don’t find the urge to do it. The only time you’ll rethink how you see these readers is if they won’t ever grow up, literary speaking.

Book Review Pet Peeves. Authors who rate their books 5 stars. I don’t get it. If I see an author doing that, I skip the book no matter how good the legit reviews are.

Reviews with so many GIF. Damn, can’t they express what they want to say in words?

Overly positive reviews even if the book has a so-so average rating because it’s an ARC. It’s the reason I don’t accept copies from authors or publishers when I was still active in the book blogging community. I buy the book and bash it all I want if it sucks.

Reviewing books that are the current hype. It generates traffic. I read and review books after their hype are long over.

Reviews with no sense at all. All fangirling. All “it’s soooo awesome, great, best read of all time” with no explanation to back up their claims.

– wl, a.

Here’s the state of my current bookshelf. I trimmed down the books I have, sold and gave away those that I won’t be reading anymore and gave others to my friends and relatives. My books are all over the place, you’ll find several on top of the dresser, on the coffee table, on the computer table, sometimes every corner of the house if I don’t tidy it up. Since I always travel, you’ll see one in my bag too.

my w’s of reading

second post of my three part bookish hanash

Why I read. Simply because I want to. You’ll rarely find me reading classics and literary winners. It’s not that I don’t like them, I read to enjoy and not to make my brain bleed. Continue reading “my w’s of reading”

what kind of reader are you?

a three part post on my bookish hanash triggered by Jolen’s post

Reading has been a part of my life for the past two decades. I fell in love with books at a tender age of eight and since then it held a special place in my heart. I sometimes tease my partner that it’s the constant third party in our relationship. Continue reading “what kind of reader are you?”

all over the place

i am sorry if i’m getting on your nerves. i hate myself too when i get so irritating and uncaring and mean. especially lately. when my hormones is all over the place. i know it feels as if it’s an excuse but it is what it is. the mini pill is a bitch. and so was i. words can’t tell you enough how remorseful i am for being this way. for feeling this way. for feeling unwanted. so i snapped because, like you, i was afraid, i was anxious, i was angry. i am not myself. i am not like this. and it takes an ample of self-awareness to see that. to accept that i am on the wrong. is the pill to blame? partly. you might not believe it but i couldn’t explain why i am so moody these days. why i feel depressed and anxious and easily angered, with or without a reason. i’m sorry for screwing your head. if i made you feel whatever you are feeling right now. i know deep within me, i am not like this. only now. i hope after i get my hormones back to normal, i’ll get back to my normal self too. though you have to remember, i am not perfect. i am complicated, unpredictable, unreasonable and irrational at times. i am a difficult person to love. and like you, i am afraid  someday you’ll get fed up and just give up. i don’t always express my feelings. i don’t always tell you how important you are. how you’ve become a permanent part of my life. in case you don’t know it yet, you are. and a lot more.