the IG struggle is real

I recently went back to IG since I decided to curb the time I spend with Facebook. As I said on a previous post, I find the latter detrimental to my well being. Charaught.  I do not know if that is a good thing, definitely a lesser evil compared to FB but, damn, my IG problems are back. Hahaha. Continue reading “the IG struggle is real”


gusto ko ng teleportation powers

Pagod na kasi ako. Pagod sa walang habas na traffic sa EDSA. Pagod sa commute. Pakiramdam ko sa bus na ‘ko nakatira.

I spend a minimum of 25 hours travel time every week. 8-10 hours on weekends when I travel to Pangasinan (including travel time back to Manila) not counting the additional hours when I go to Baguio. 4 hours everyday to and fro the office. Eh kung may ibang errands pa ko? Isama mo pa pag biglang umulan or may nagbanggaan sa EDSA. Pwede na kong magdala ng unan at kumot, titira na talaga ako sa bus. Makakatapos ka rin ng isang series, American or Korean up to 20 episodes. Ganun siya kalala, beshy.

Hindi ko narin ata mabilang kung ilang beses ko ng napanood ang “Super Parental Guidance” sa bus. Dumating narin ako sa point na sinasabayan ko na yung sinasabi ni Vice Ganda. Hindi ko nadin mabilang kung ilang tao nakatabi ko sa bus. Pero tandang tanda ko yung bilang ng nakasabay kong gwapo. Zero. Eh wala, puro mga chakabells nakakasabay ko. Ni ultimo sa Uber pool, wala. Kahit yun man lang sana ang ikasaya ko sa byahe diba. Kahit matraffic, keri lang. At least meron kang magandang tanawin, mas okay yung pang ulam na para kanin na lang, solve na gutom mo sa byahe.

Bullet train lang naman hinihingi ko para kahit araw arawin ko na ang paguwi sa probinsya at ng makasama ko naman junakis ko ng madalas. Kaso mukhang magpapaaral na ako ng highschool eh wala parin yan. Kaya okay na ko sa teleportation powers. Yung mala-Goblin style. Bubukas lang ako ng pinto, lalabas ako sa lugar na gusto kong puntahan. For sure never akong malelate nyan.

Kahit yun lang, masaya na ko. Makakatipid pa ako sa pamasahe.

wl, a.

P. S. Heto, long weekend. Asa bus na naman ako paakyat ng bundok. Anim na oras na byahe with no gwapo insight. Ang saklap naman.

social media break

I’ve been on social media for how many years now. I have accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Google +, Facebook, Pinterest, Goodreads, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Flickr, VSCO, Friendster and Myspace (when they were still the “in” social sites), Photobucket, WordPress, VK and whatever forum platforms I signed up for that I can’t remember on top of my head right now. Sometimes I interact with people, most times I’m a lurker. I am not always online, if that’s what you’re thinking, I’m just an internet savvy who likes creating accounts on different sites and forgetting about them unless I visit the site often. I still have periods of being a social hermit whenever I feel burned out of all the things I see online. Nakakasira ng bait kasi at gusto ko namang magpamiss minsan. Charaught.

Lately, I’m thinking of giving up some of the most time consuming social media accounts I have. Yes, the big three. Continue reading “social media break”

ang sagot

a pseudo Awesome Blogger Award post

Thank you, Jolens and Pampered Princess, for the nomination!

Hindi ko na matandaan kung kailan ung huling sagot ko ng ganito. Sabi ko nga sa Sunday Currently ko, tamadera kasi ako ngaun kaya hindi ko sure kung magagawa ko ba talaga ng bongga ‘to. Pero dahil feel kong sumagot at magdaldal, pwede bang sagutin ko na lang ung mga tanong niyo? Para feeling interview lang, baks. Char.

So eto na.

Continue reading “ang sagot”

sunday currently | 04

what i need is rest in mind, body and pocket

I should have written and posted this last Sunday but since my katamaran due to the weather is at the extremes and I am still recovering from my hospital confinement a few days prior, I set it aside. Now here I am trying to catch up with what happened on my weekend.

I am probably the only person you’ll find in Metro Manila who likes the rainy season. Some of my fondest memories growing up were during this season and with the way the hot season is now, I would gladly welcome any shift from the normal 35-ish degrees weather. Liking the rain doesn’t mean I like the trouble it causes especially in Metro Manila. I like travelling when it’s raining but I hate the traffic, the flood and the additional hours from my usual travel time to and fro the office. We know how crazy Metro Manila gets when the hanging habagat plus a typhoon joins forces and it is not a pretty sight. That recently happened over the weekend, good thing is I wasn’t in Metro Manila during that time. Thank God for small mercies.


Reading nothing in particular. I’ve been wanting to read A Clash of Kings for a few months now but I couldn’t get a print copy. “K” the Kindle finally gave up on me last month so I couldn’t read my e-copy. I really want to get my hands on a print. Can somebody find me this book on a friendly budget? If you guys can lend me the copy that’s going to be so awesome.

Writing this post and mind-writing my answers for Jolen’s questions in the Awesome Blogger Award she nominated me with. I used to join those in Off the Wall. Now I am not sure if I have the patience to do those anymore though I really love the nomination I got. I am also planning to write a goodbye post to “K” I just can’t find the right time and mood to do it.

Listening to Who You Are by Jessie J.

Watching nothing. I want to watch Kita Kita and a few indie films lined up for screening in the next weeks. Kita Kita is still showing in local cinemas but the fee is not so friendly on my budget. (Feel ko kasi Indie parin. Si Piolo lang nagproduce, commercial fee na agad?!)

Thinking of being active on IG again. The last time I posted was early this year? After that I totally forgot IG. I still have the app on my phone, got tons of images to edit and post but I couldn’t, for the life of me, start doing it again. I probably would before the quarter ends. Kung hindi ako tinamad.

Smelling the aroma of Korean green tea and missing the smell of coffee. The struggle is real.

Wishing I could just pack my bags, resign and move somewhere else. Can time do its work the soonest possible time? I guess not.

Hoping for a divine intervention. Charot. I am hoping that what I started to do this year and wants to happen in the future will have its results. Why can’t there be a fast forward or a rewind button you could press if you want to see the future or undo what happened in the past? Sabi ko nga, life doesn’t work that way.

Wearing jeans, a gray jacket, a gray shirt and a gray running shoes. It’s a gray day feels today.

Needing rest. I think I would forever need that. I travel for 6-10 hours every weekend plus my everyday travel time to the office. I feel like I spend most of my time sitting in a bus. I badly needed a relocation job or a home based job. I just don’t know where to start. Almost a decade in an office environment for the same company is a little hard to let go, though I know, I should and very soon.

Feeling generally happy with worries on the side and in love.

– wl, a.

P.S. It’s not Sunday anymore. So I’ll just edit the posting date. I can’t wait for next Sunday!


glassy eyes

The last time I saw this reflection in front of the mirror was two years ago. The glassy, sad, empty eyes. It was a look that rattled me, a reminder every time I look in front of the mirror of what I was feeling, of what was going on inside my head, of how my heart was empty. My mask could hide the blemishes of my life from afar but if one will take the time to look at me closely, the eyes could not deny what I was going through. People will say you look generally happy but your eyes, your eyes shows your heart.  Continue reading “glassy eyes”

waiting is not my mo

This year is proving to be a very very difficult year. I should not be stressing myself over things I couldn’t get the answers yet but I can’t help it. Waiting is not my strongest suit. You may also simply say I’m fvcking impatient. Working this out is so hard when you’re a certified number one praning. It makes your waiting time nakakabaliw. I should work on that, I know but with the way I think now, it’s going to be a laborious process.

Can somebody give me pointers to be more patient? Because, really. This kapraningan is putting a toll on me. I don’t know if I can last. I’ll probably end up crazy in the next few days.

– w.l – a

/Nakakapraning – means paranoid
Nakakabaliw – means makes you crazy