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ola, oktubre!


273 days of 2017, 85 days before Christmas, 27 days before my one week leave–Hello, October!

The days flies so fast sometimes I can’t keep up. Thinking how I started this year and where I am now, I’ve been through a lot in that 273 days. My daughter also turned seventeen months old today when it feels like I just had her in my tummy yesterday. Now, I have a little kid running around the house and turning everything upside down when no one is looking.


Reading Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff. I started reading this last month even though I wasn’t even half way on Clash of Kings. I just need one book for my 12 books reading challenge. I still have plenty of time to finish the challenge. Maybe I wouldn’t exceed on my reading goal this year.

Writing drafts on Broadway songs, Lineage 2 Revolution review, some writing exercises. Kdrama list, and trying to come up with book and movie reviews again. I am also considering a travel article. Of where? I don’t know yet.

Listening to Moira dela Torre songs. I like listening to #hugot songs and Moira perfected that craft. I heard this song from Kasya Pa, a short film starring Empoy and Alessandra de Rossi.

Watching Supergirl’s Season Two. I went back to watching American series lately. I have a number of kdramas lined up (not to mention books to read) but the new season of CW series are about to start and I haven’t finished the last season of those yet!

Thinking of the future. I tend to overthink, a lot. I can’t stop thinking of things that I should not focus on yet. It’s not healthy but it calms me in a way that I would “somehow” be prepared of what’s to come even if I know my plan will not really happen if that situation I’m thinking about happens. Useless isn’t?

Smelling the Lechong Kawali I cooked for lunch. Nothing beats the feeling of staying at your parent’s house. The downside of it is, my diet (which is nonexistent right now) is ruined. I need to loose weight. Easier said than done. Meh.

Wishing for a time machine that would show me the future, longer paid vacation. Can you make it a month, please?

Hoping I would soon start the home based part time job I am applying for. There are still kinks I need to work on before I start. I am considering doing this full time in the near future so I hope I could build my portfolio very soon.

Wearing a shirt and short shorts. No need for an OOTD since I’m just always home when doing Sunday Currently unless I talk about what I was wearing yesterday which is… shirt and shorts too. HAHAHA.

Needing a stress reliever. Maybe writing about my worries would somehow relieved me from feeling so worried.

Feeling slightly worried. I have a wonky menstrual cycle. If most girls have a normal 28-day cycle, mine varies from 30-45 days to 100+ days. Yes, 100+ days. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, in layman’s term my ovaries have many eggs that doesn’t mature. No egg maturity means no menstruation. For the past few months, my cycle is being a bitch. I gained weight which could be attributed to PCOS and my blood sugar is higher than my HbA1c three months ago. My recent sonogram confirmed my PCOS is again out of control. The difficult part of this is, I can’t use OCPs to control my hormonal imbalance because I can’t gain weight more than what I have gained now. OCPs are not allowed for someone with hypertension. I have no choice but go with calendar and symptothermal method for contraception which I find very hard to do since my body is playing tricks on me. It’s so hard pinpointing when I exactly ovulated. It’s a guessing game and for someone who doesn’t want another child yet, this is very worrisome. If it turns out positive, I want a baby boy.

wl, a.



Friday + Payday + Traffic = BIGTI

It’s not the first time I complained with how unforgiving the roads are every Friday. I should have gotten used it to it and adjust since the roads won’t do that for me but today is an exceptionally difficult Friday morning. It didn’t even start during rush hours, my Friday started being a bitch when the clock turned 12:01 AM.

This is how my shitty morning started. Continue reading “fridaypocalypse”

under the same sky

on days that i miss you
the times when i want to hug you
when a phone call, a chat or a video call
can’t calm my aching heart
i’ll look up at the sky
and say to myself
that even if we are apart
we see one moon
one sunrise and sunset
and until the day
when you are the last i see when i close my eyes
and the first i lay my eyes on when i wake up
i’ll content myself with the thought
that we are always
under the same sky

de-stressing the 1,715 calories i ate today

May utang pa akong 14 Things About Me from Eylah at questions from Jhem kaya naisipan kong sagutin na lang muna kahit may client call ako in 30 minutes. Stress na stress kasi ako. Hindi dahil sa tambak ang workload (na magiging tambak na pagpalit ng araw sa Huwebes kasi antamad tamad ko na naman), kundi dahil sa 1,715 calories na kinain ko maghapon.

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getting personal

Thank you Aila for the blog award(s). As for your questions… Pakyu ka, ‘teh. Joke lang. Niyanig ng mga tanong mo buong pagkatao ko, bes. Hahaha. 

It took me sometime to do this post because I want to honestly answer her questions but I don’t know how honest should I be. I even sent her a message asking how personal is personal. I was also contemplating if I will set this on private and just post the password in the group page then decided not to because, what the heck, this is a personal blog for some reason so I’ll share what I want.

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friday traffic + habal-habal

I try not to hate all days of the work week, however, there are really days I can’t tolerate—Mondays and Fridays. If you are living in Metro Manila, I know you are one of millions who constantly face the crazy traffic from north to south of the city and vice versa. If you are a commuter like me, we face the long lines of MRT, P2P buses, PUVs, jeepneys and tricycles and the hours spent going from one place to another every fvcking day. Complaining and being late due to the traffic are sometimes not acceptable now since we all know that’s already a norm in Metro Manila’s roads. Mondays and Fridays are often the worst days for traffic. Continue reading “friday traffic + habal-habal”

pabili ng inspirasyon

Kakaumpisa pa lang ng buwan pero heto at tamad na tamad naman ako. Pakiramdam ko kasi routine na lang ginagawa ko; gising, minsan takbo, kain, ligo, layas, pasok sa opisina, tanga, trabaho ng pilit (kasi di naman matatapos yung workload ko kung magtitigan lang kame), tanga some more, trabaho ulit, tapos tanga ulit.

Wala na akong gana. Umay na umay na ako. If not because of the pay, a little flexi schedule, holidays off at walang pahirapan sa pagpapaalam sa leave, matagal ko ng nilayasan ‘to.

Hindi naman sa sobrang toxic yung trabaho, toxic na kasama at management pwede pa. Kaya lang kasi, mahigit sampung taon ko na ata ‘tong ginagawa. You are probably asking, bakit di ako magpapromote, mag-manager, ayoko eh. Okay na akong mediocre employee. Sulit na sulit ang ibabayad sa’yo pag nagpa-promote ka para lang sa 10% increase sa sahod mo, salaried ka na, no OT pays, no holiday pay, at no work and life balance pa. Hanggang sa pagtulog mo nagtatrabaho ka.

Andami kong gustong gawin, magtry mag work from home, sipagin, magrelocate, magtry ng bagong kompanya. Kaya lang sa sobrang tamad ko at kawalang ganang kumilos, wala. Eto ako, andito parin. Isang taon pa. Isang taon pa akong magbabyahe kada weekend. Magteten year anniversary muna ako dito, habang nagaantay kung magkakaroon ng lateral transfer sa site na gusto ko. Kung walang mago-open, mapipilitan akong magresign at magumpisa from scratch. Ilang buwan, araw, oras at minuto pa ba yun? Matagal pa.

Alam ko namang kailangan kong umayos. Kailangan ko pa naman ‘tong trabaho ko. Eto ang bumubuhay sa aming mag-ina. Pero, leche, kailangan ko ng isang katerbang inspirasyon kada araw para sipagin sa opisina. Kailangan ko ng renewed strength. Oppa, uubra kaya? Kung meron lang sanang kaopisinang gwapong may abs, baka kahit OT TY, kaya. Eh kaso waley. Kung hindi sila mga paminta, chopseuy ang makikita mo.

Lunes na naman. Kagagaling ko pa lang sa rest day, eto at nagbibilang na ako ng oras at araw bago magbiyenes. Gusto ko na ng day off ulit. Kung nabibili lang ang inspirasyon sa suking tindahan, bibili ako araw-araw. May nagbebenta ba ng bulto bulto nun sa Divisoria?

Leche talaga. Layas lang siguro katapat neto. Road trip tayo?

– wl, a.

Kung ganito lang ang laman ng opisina ko araw-araw, kahit doon na ako tumira. Charaught. Mga baks, apply tayo dito. Dali!